As a business we are always asked, “When should I start building my website and what are the benefits?”

I decided to put a couple of pointers up to give some advice to new companies and established businesses interested in optimising all advertising potentials.

In today’s fast developing world, the Internet is a hugely popular medium which helps connect people/businesses within seconds. In order to make an effective and popular website which can advertise and promote the company and its product efficiently, a professional web designer should be appointed who has in-depth knowledge in design, development and search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

When should I start? We believe the earlier the better for numerous reasons which I shall list 3 of the main points below:

  • 1) The earlier you secure the deposit with a designer, the earlier they will start on your project, simples!! The more complex the site, obviously the longer it’s going to take the designers to have it 100% complete and ready to go live. Why delay signing up?
  • 2) With search engines like Google, it can take around and up to a month for Google to pick up the site after its gone live.  Google works on a rating system with various criteria needing to be met to make the site rate highly within searches.
  • 3) If a business is looking to combine other advertising routes i.e. business cards, yellow pages, newspapers, clothing, on sides of vehicles etc, they can’t get theses ordered or in print until the website domain or email address is live.

At Webfactore we are often told by companies that they are not quite ready to set up a site straight away but are often just looking for a quote. It’s at this point we would advise them of the points I meantioned earlier, time is of the essense and the quicker the process begins, the better. We believe in providing the best service to our customers so we offer the option of signing up for a starter package initially (quick and simple) just to get your website out there and start building up your own viewers and clientele, but we also deduct the cost from any later upgrades to packages that you would like, saving you time and money.

I hope this has been of some use and have answered a few questions you may have had.

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