Top11 Super Rich Millionaires & Billionaires Who Own A Private Island Around The Caribbeans

If owning mansions, cars & yachts is not enough, then a handful of the worlds super rich millionaires and billionaires are into purchasing their own private islands.

Here is a list of the super rich millionaires & billionaires who own their own private getaway.

Millionaire & Billionaire Islands


1) Necker Island













Owner: Sir Richard Branson – Net worth: $4.2 billion

Sir Richard Branson, who heads the Virgin Group comprising of more than a few hundred companies, owns this pristine island, located among the British Virgin Islands. Comprising of beautiful turquoise waters, coral reefs and warm sandy beaches, along with a staff of 60 people and troupe of 24 guests. Branson originally bought the island back in the 70’s for $200,000, nowadays this island can be yours for $53,000 a night. A great investment for Branson if you ask me.

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