Top 10 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in Romania

9. Living like hundreds years ago

Romania has thousands of amazing rural areas and no journey in Romania would be authentic and unforgettable without a village experience for a few days.

Pick a village with century-old manor houses and residences offering you a glimpse into the spectacular beauty of Romanian landscapes, where the whole community will welcome you and treat you like a royalty.

In such a Romania traditional village, you can live as your ancestors did hundreds of years ago: every day you can collect the eggs from the hens, milk the cows, feed the animals, make bread in the oven or fruit jam, crush grapes to make wine, gather wood to make fire and so on.

It’s like a time machine brought you back in the 18th century.

A while back we put together another article showcasing the most beautiful villages in Romania, we definitely recommend you check it out!

Rimetea, Alba

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