Top 10 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in Romania

8. The amazing tastes of traditional cuisine

Romania is undoubtedly a country of great culinary tradition, which is varied, unique and delicious.

If you enter a Romanian restaurant, you must start your feast with a small glass of tuica, a sort of strong plum brandy, and continue with a meatball soup (ciorba de perisoare) or tripe soup with sour cream (ciorba de burta). Or you can opt for a saramaura (grilled carp in brine) if you are in the Danube Delta or near the Black Sea.

Your main course could be sarmale (pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with a mix of minced meats, rice and spices), tochitura (a sort of stew with a lot of onion and different spices) or mici (the wee ones, kind of grilled sausages without skin). Add a Murfatlar wine of your choice.

For dessert, you should try papanasi, special cheese donuts with sour cream and fruit jam on top. Or, if Christmas is near, cozonac, the sweet bread filled with walnuts, raisins, cocoa cream or Turkish delight).

Sarmale - Traditional Romanian Food

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