Top 10 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in Romania

7. The medieval citadels: history and magic atmosphere

You can, literally, take a walk in the past.

And still speaking of Vlad the Impaler, his birthplace is equally special: Sighisoara stands as the best preserved medieval town in Europe, protected by UNESCO since 1999 as a World Heritage Site for its perfectly intact 16th century medieval fortress with 14 towers.

It is a medieval citadel still inhabited today which could easily rival with the old streets of Vienna or Prague in terms of magic atmosphere.

Another citadel very well preserved is Râsnov near the spectacular city of Brasov, a rustic fortresses built as an important part of a defending system of medieval Transylvania.

Its legend is related to the 146 meters well dug nearby between 1625 and 1640 and resembles the legend of the Castle of Hunedoara: the local people forced two Turkish prisoners to dig in exchange for their freedom. They stayed there for 17 years and filled the walls of the well with verses from the Koran.


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