Top 10 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Romania You Must Visit

Have you ever been to the most beautiful villages in Romania? Now it is the time!

These are 10 of the most beautiful villages in Romania you must visit once in your lifetime.

Fall is already upon Romania; with rains that seem will never end and much cold.

However, there are some villages in Romania that don’t seem to care about all that. Sure, fall has come to them too, but they seem to be handling it pretty well.

If you live in Romania, you don’t need to go abroad in order to find breathtaking landscapes, because Romania has them too.

Why not take advantage of the beautiful landscapes and book a holiday in one of these villages located in Romania?

From the places you must visit in Romania, we are taking things more in detail and we are going for the villages. This is where the true magic happens.

This is where you will also find rustic landscapes, breathtaking views and great people!

So, come to us in this journey where we get to see the most amazing villages located in the largest country in Southeastern Europe and the twelfth-largest in Europe.

10. Ciocanesti, Suceava

First stop, Ciocanesti. A village with different vibe located on Bistrita Valley, on the road between Moldova and Maramures, not far away from Worcester.

It is one of the few remaining villages that managed to keep, despite the time passes, the architectural harmony in a word that is obsessed with PVC windows, modern design, and stainless steel details.

10 of the Most Beautiful Villages in Romania You Must Visit||

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