Think You Can Learn To Make Money Online?

The internet is an amazing tool, for collaboration, social networking, research, and for business. The opportunities to make money online are virtually endless – but to get started takes patience and a willingness to learn new skills. If you think you’re ready to start making money online, read on and you’ll discover a few tips that will help you get started.

Before you learn anything about making money online, understand that none of it will matter unless you take action.  Too many would-be millionaires just lack the work ethic needed to motivate themselves into action. However, with sustained focus and effort, will you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

It Takes Work

Okay, if you’re motivated to put in the effort, let’s also put aside some misconceptions that you may have heard or read. These falsehoods are like rampant fire in the online world, so let’s just extinguish them right up front:

  1. Making Money Online Is Easy! First, making money online is NOT easy. To be blunt, it’s nowhere near easy, and you’ll have to put in hours of work and most likely a lot of frustration with trial and error before you become successful with whatever avenue of generating revenue that you choose. The most important thing to remember is that you’re learning a new skill, just like learning how to drive or how to play the guitar.
  2.  Secondly, if you choose to do anything that involves buying online ads, you’re going to have to have some cash put aside to invest in your new business. This isn’t to say you’re going to need thousands of dollars, but learning how to create ads that convince users to click on them and convert into customers isn’t going to be free. Generally you can get credits that allow you to get started with the major advertisers, which will take a bit of the sting out of it, but prepare to spend a bit of money to get things going.
  3. Magic Pill Syndrome Finally, be on alert for scams – especially those that revolve around “making money from home” and similar kinds of ad copy. No one product is going to turn you into an online millionaire overnight. Knowledge is free, if you spend the time to research, and you really can learn how to make money online through reading blogs such as this one, forums, and through trial and error. As a general rule, I do not recommend you pay for courses that make outlandish promises. And do not sign up for courses that cost thousands of dollars, regardless of their promises to teach you how to make money online. However there are some proven systems that can get you up and running with minimum effort, teach you the bare essentials, and map out some of the common pitfalls to avoid. Yes, it’s possible to start making money through Google in no time. But it can take a lot longer if you’re just flailing about with no clear direction. Bottom line: do some research before diving in.

It Takes Time

Now that you’ve got a watchful eye for things, you’re ready to get started. You’ll need to decide whether or not you want to approach making money online on a part-time or full-time basis. The benefit of doing things part-time is that you can learn while you’ve got another source of income, which means you don’t have to have a large nest egg you can live off of while you get your income ramped up. The downside to part-timing is that it will take you a bit longer and you might not be as motivated to get things up to speed quickly.

Approaching making money online on a full-time basis is very risky if you’re new to the internet and how things work. If you’ve got some marketing, advertising, copywriting or blogging experience, you have a good base to go off of and you’ll likely be okay if you can afford to be without a steady income for a few months. You’re pretty much set if you already have existing websites which are generating traffic, as you can begin marketing to these visitors and start generating some revenue almost immediately.

It Takes Money

As mentioned above, you may have to invest some cash to get things started. Especially if you’re doing affiliate marketing or making money online through any medium that involves paid advertising. Learning how to use Google AdWords, Facebook ads and the like will cost you a bit to get started and get things mastered. However, once you’re proficient you’ll make this back very quickly as your campaigns scale up.

How much money do you need to get started? Honestly, not that much. It costs about $10 per year to own a domain name, and you can get reliable web hosting for $4 per month. You can do your own writing, graphics, and programming for free. Or you can hire these things out for very cheap. (In future articles I plan to write more about how to outsource everything for unbelievably low prices). You can do your own online promotion and link building. And you can even get started buying advertising with free introductory vouchers. So don’t let a “no money” situation prevent you from getting started. There are plenty of ways to “bootstrap” a fledgling online business. Just keep in mind there will be minimal costs along the way, and you’ll grow faster if you re-invest 100% of your profits for as long as you can.

Do Some Research, But Don’t Get Stuck

If you’re new to things, begin by researching the various methods of making money online. The most common are through affiliate marketing, which is the marketing of others’ products for a cut or commission, doing business through eBay or Amazon partnerships, and through selling or placing advertising on your website(s) or blogs. Fully explaining each of these areas can take virtually forever, so you’re on your own with learning more about them. Pick the one that suits your skillset the best, and learn more about it to see if you think you’ll be successful.

If you know anyone that’s already making money online that can mentor you, see if they’re willing to help. Don’t ask someone to “teach you everything they know”, as it’s somewhat insulting that you haven’t done any research for yourself and your request will almost certainly be denied. Instead, do your homework first, write down a list of intelligent questions, try to research the answers, and then bring the questions for which you couldn’t find answers to your mentor. This is a far better approach and will allow you to get your questions answered without looking like a beginner.

There are a ton of blogs and forums out there that focus on make money online, especially when it comes to advertising and affiliate marketing. Spending a few hours reading through these can provide you with an immense amount of information and may help dispel any myths you had come upon while researching. You will also find communities of like-minded individuals from which you can learn as you go so if you find a resource that’s full of knowledge, be sure to bookmark it and return frequently. When it comes to making money online, you can never know too much.

Keep in mind that researching, however important to get your bearings, is not putting money in your pocket. So many new would-be entrepreneurs get stuck in “analysis paralysis” and fail to get any projects off the ground. Don’t let this happen to you.

Diving In

Finally – at some point, you’re going to need to stop reading and take the plunge. With most methods of making money online, you will learn the most by trying, failing, and learning from your mistakes. You may also find that you try and succeed, which will give you some breathing room to expand and scale whatever it is you’re doing to bring in greater income and you can begin to diversify. Once you’ve found some success – don’t go crazy with spending and lose your focus. Reinvest as much as you can into your new business, as this will pay off the most in the long run.

Most individuals can learn to make money online without too much suffering or financial investment. As long as you come in to the game with an open mind and are prepared to focus, work hard, and most importantly, learn from your failures, you will succeed and can scale this past a full-time income into a profitable business. Good luck!

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