Step by Step on How to Change PLDT WIFI Password in 2021

How to change PLDT WiFi password?

This seems to be one of the most common questions you can find on the internet and by people with a PLDT WiFi. It makes sense as for the average citizen, changing the password isn’t as easy as it seems.

Because of that, we’ve created a handy guide so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. You just need to follow the process step-by-step! Trust us, anyone can do it using this guide.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQs at the end as you may have some questions that were not answered in the article. Without further ado, let’s start…

How to Change PLDT WIFI Password – 4 Easy Steps

Changing your PLDT WiFi password isn’t easy but we’re here to make it so. We’ve broken the process by 4 main steps. Here are they:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to

Open your browser and go to (default gateway). You should see something like the image below.

If you see something that says “Your connection is not private”, ignore it and click “Advanced”. Then, select “Proceed to (unsafe).

Step 2: Login to your PLDT dashboard

Next, login to your PLDT dashboard using the following default login info. (Username: admin Password: 1234). If this doesn’t work, it may be because your router is different. There is different default login info for routers. Check this list of PLDT default admin logins.


Step 3: Change Password

Once you’ve login successfully to your PLDT dashboard, you should then navigate to the WLAN tab. Or if you’re not seeing this, go to the Network tab and click “Advanced”. Here, you’ll see the current password being used.

First, we’ll change the password of the 2.4G network. Make sure you’re on the 2.4G Basic Network Settings tab. Then, change the password using 12 characters containing uppercase characters, lowercase characters, digits and special characters.

After that, you’ll go to the 5G Basic Network Settings and do the same. Change the password to the new one.

Step 4: Done! Re-log in now

After changing your password, you need to re-login all of your devices using your new password. You need to do this because once you’ve changed your password, it will automatically logout all of the connected devices. If there’s someone who illegally connects to your WiFi, this solves the problem.

Doing this also allows you to check whether the new password works or not. If not, you may need to try again.


PLDT Admin Default Passwords and Usernames List

PLDT Default Admin Password and Username (Fibr, DSL, Ultera)


How to Change WIFI Password PLDT Home Fibr Using Cell Phone

You may ask, “How to change PLDT WiFi password using your phone?”. If you don’t have a computer or a laptop, you can still change your PLDT WiFi password easily. Just follow the steps below:

Go to your phone’s browser, ideally Google Chrome. Copy and paste this address ( It’s important that you include the “https” otherwise you won’t be able to access the PLDT admin.

  • Next, tap “Advanced”.
  • Tap “Proceed to (unsafe)”.
  • Login to your PLDT admin using the default username and password that you’ll see on the back of your router if this is your first time changing the password.
  • Go to the WLAN tab.
  • On the 2.4G Basic Network Settings tab, you should see the passphrase there.
  • You can then change your PLDT password there. The new password should be 12 characters long and includes uppercase characters, lowercase characters, digits, and special characters. Then, click apply.
  • Next, do the same in 5G Basic Network Settings.

How to Change PLDT WIFI Admin Password and Username

Aside from changing your WiFi password, you should also change the PLDT admin password. This is to avoid unwanted people who might change your WiFi password because the default user and password is the same for most routers which is username: admin and password: 1234. Here’s how…

  1. Login to your PLDT admin dashboard.
  2. Go to System Tools.
  3. Select Modify Login Password.
  4. There, you’ll input your old and new password. Take note that your password must be 12 characters long and must contain digits, upper and lower cases, and special characters.
  5. Click apply.

How to Block WIFI User PLDT Fiber

Sometimes, even if you change the WiFi password, unwanted people can still connect to your WiFi if they learn the new one. To avoid this permanently, you should just directly block their device in your PLDT WiFi. Here are the steps to easily do it:

  1. First, log in to your PLDT admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Status.
  3. Select User Device Information.
  4. Copy the MAC address of the device/s that you want to block.
  5. Go to the Security tab.
  6. Then, select the MAC Filter Configuration.
  7. Make sure that the Enable Mac Filter is checked.
  8. Select new, then paste the MAC address of the device you want to block.
  9. Click apply. After following these steps, the device will still be able to connect to the WiFi but it won’t have an internet connection.

4 Tips to Optimize Your PLDT WiFi

You use your PLDT WiFi every day so you must also make sure that you are getting the most out of it. To make things easy for you, we’ve listed down all the top ways you can optimize it.

1. Change your WiFi password regularly

Even though you may be certain that your family is the only ones connected to your WiFi, it’s still best to change the password regularly. Doing so reduces the risk of getting unwanted devices connected and even hacking. You can change your WiFi password at least once a month.

2. Enable parental control

If you’re a parent, sometimes it’s not enough that you tell your kids to stop using their devices after certain times. If so, you can easily force their devices to only access the WiFi during specified times.

To do this, log in to your PLDT Dashboard > Security > Parental Control Configuration. There you can select which device/s you can limit. Here, you can set restrictions as to the allowable hours and websites your kids can use the WiFi.

3. Keep your WiFi credentials on a secure place

To avoid future problems, it’s best to keep all your PLDT WIFI login credentials on a note on your phone or a paper. This should include the PLDT admin username and password as well as the WiFi password.

Doing this, ensures that you don’t lose access to your PLDT WiFi. For us, we use a note app on our phones which is also encrypted by a password for maximum protection.

4. Check who uses your PLDT WiFi

Did you know that you can easily see who are currently connected to your PLDT WiFi? To do this, simply follow these steps:

Login to your PLDT dashboard (

  • Go to the Status tab.
  • Then, go to the User Device Information.
  • You should see the name of devices connected, device type, Port ID, IP Address, Status and many more.

Knowing who’s connected to your WiFi allows you to determine if someone is using it without your permission. If you see unknown devices there, there’s a high chance that other people are connected to it. Just change the password at once so that they may be disconnected.


  1. I can’t access the PLDT admin dashboard using, help!

There are usually 3 reasons as to why you can’t access the PLDT dashboard. First, you need to make sure that you add https to This usually solves most problems.

If doesn’t solve it, then you might have a different router than others. To check the wifi settings of your router, just go to your command prompt by pressing the Windows button + R or simply search “cmd” on the search bar. Then, type ipconfig and press enter. Scroll down until you see the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi and under it “Default Gateway”. In my case, I see as my router’s IP address.

If you can login but you can’t change your WiFi password, you may need to enable the Web Admin Switch first. To do this, simply go to Management > Debug Switch > change it to Enable > Apply > Logout.

  1. The username and password aren’t correct, how can I login?

If this is your first time logging in, your router may have a different default username and password. But you should usually see your PLDT admin login credentials at the back of your router. If this doesn’t help, try this guide – PLDT Admin Default Passwords and Usernames List

But if you’ve changed your PLDT admin password before and forgot it, you can only do a hard reset. To do this, insert a pin into the reset hole. Doing so allows the router to go back to the factory settings and your username and password should be reset to default.

How to Change PLDT WiFi Password – Bottomline

Now you know how to change your PLDT WiFi password easily! We hope you’ve also learn other things here. Share them with your loved ones now 🙂


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