Should I Apply For the SASSA R350 Grant Every Month?

Are you supposed to apply for the R350 grant every month or do you automatically to receive the grant every month? Keep reading to find all the answers you need.

Many questions have surfaced when it comes to the reinstatement of the SASSA Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, one of them being: Should I apply for the new R350 grant every month?

Well, we have all the answers you might be looking for.

When you submit a R350 grant application, SASSA goes in and verifies all the information with the UIF, NSFAS and Home Affairs databases. This is their way of checking if you receive any other incomes or grants and should you not be, you will qualify.

Every month this process will occur as it’s SASSA’s way of checking whether you still qualify for the grant or if your circumstances have changed and you’re now receiving funds from elsewhere.

This means that no, you will not have to submit an SRD grant application every month.

SASSA has said:

The applications shall be considered from the month of application and paid up to 31 March 2022 provided the qualifying criteria continue to be met.

However, if you applied for the grant in the previous cycle and you were approved, you will need to apply again.

For those who have already submitted an application and are wanting to check their SASSA R350 grant application status, SASSA has said, “Application statuses for August are still pending and will show soon”.

If you were unemployed and met the eligibility criteria at the time you submitted your application, you will receive your payment of R350 for every month following that until March 2022. If for any reason, the applicants no longer meets the eligibility criteria, SASSA can stop making payments into the account of the applicant.

For more information about SASSA grants visit their website. 

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