Patient Home Visit And Follow up

Patient Home Visit And Follow up

Second Home Visit/Follow up (23/11/11)

My second home visit was made on Wednesday, 23rd November 2011. The purpose of this visit was to ascertain whether the education gave her and her family during the period of hospitalization and the first home visit had been adhered to.

 I arrived at the house around 9:00 am and was met by Madam A. A. who happened to be the only one at home apart from the other tenants I greeted.

As custom demanded, she warmly welcomed me, offered me water which I declined because I was not thirsty and she asked me about my mission. I told her I came to pay her an unexpected visit as I said I would when I called her on phone and that I came to find out if the widows had been netted, the crossbar had been cleared off those clothes if she and her children had been sleeping under ITNs and primarily to assess her state of health. It was also to assess whether or not the patient had stopped using over-the-counter drugs and that her relatives do not drink alcohol or drink alcohol responsibly.

Patient Home Visit And Follow up
Patient Home Visit And Follow up

She told me that she had delayed in netting the windows and promised to have it done by the end of the week. She also said she had some of the ITNs and would make sure her children and her sleep under them but would use mosquito insecticide sprays when the weather is warm which I agreed. The clothes on the crossbar had been taken off. On observation, the wound had almost healed with the first intention.

As we interacted, her eldest son’s wife came to visit her. I took the opportunity to review their knowledge on the condition and other educations given during the period of hospitalization which they rightly provided answers to. They were educated on diabetes mellitus since it was a condition her late husband was diagnosed with. After the education, they were assessed to determine how well they had grasped it.

I informed them that during my next home visit which was my last official visit, I would hand over the home care to Madam A. F., the Registered Midwife who stays on the first floor which they agreed.

At about 11:00 am I sought permission to leave and told them that I would be officially visiting them for the last time where I would hand over the care to the midwife, her neighbor.

I bade them farewell and they expressed their gratitude for the help they had gotten so far from me and accompanied me to the roadside before I departed from them.


Day of Review/Follow up (25/11/11)

On 25th November 2011 at 9:05 am, I met Madam A. A. and her eldest son’s wife at the Out-Patient Department for the review. I accompanied her to the consulting room, where she was reviewed by the medical officer. Madam A. A. gave no complaint. On examination, the wound was clean and had healed normally (with the first intention), medical officer ordered that patient eat fruits at home.

I encouraged her to continue to comply with treatment, to drink a lot of water, and to observe all restrictions.

 I reassured her and emphasis was placed on the fact that she should never hesitate to call me, go to her neighbor, the midwife or visit the Zongo clinic or hospital whenever she had a problem.

I accompanied them to the Ghana Commercial Bank, Berekum, around 10:10 am where I bade them goodbye.

Third Home Visit/Follow up (12/12/11)

I visited Madam A. A. on Monday the 12th of December, 2011. I left the hospital around 8:30 am after my night shift. The purpose of this visit was to ascertain whether her condition had improved after review or not, whether they had listened to the advice I gave them concerning the use of ITNs and netting her windows, and to introduce Madam A. F. to them officially as the Registered Midwife who was to continue with Madam A. A.’s care at home.

I arrived at her house at exactly 8:45 am. I met Madam A. F., the midwife who had promised to continue caring for Madam A. A.. She was happy to see me and she did not ask of my mission since I had pre-informed her on phone.

Madam A. A. was just about to come out of her room when we met her. She offered us a seat in her room. She warmly welcomed us together with her elder sister, her eldest son, and her eldest son’s wife. They did not ask about our mission since they were informed during my second home visit. I congratulated them for the care they had rendered to Madam A. A. and for netting the windows and sleeping under the ITNs which I saw for myself that it was hanging on her bed. They were reminded to observe the activity restrictions until the surgeon says she can resume all normal activities, and observe both personal and environmental hygiene practices, and again the already given health education was emphasized.

I thanked them for their co-operation and I officially introduced Madam A. F. to them as the Registered Midwife who would be taken over the care. I encouraged them to give her the same co-operation they gave me. I informed them that now that Madam A. A.’s health has been restored, the care has officially ended. I told them I would visit them unofficially whenever I had the chance.

They looked very happy. Madam A. A. and family said they would miss my care and would give Madam A. F. the maximum support she needed to care for Madam A. A.. They also said that they trusted Madam A. F. since she had been visiting them every day and advising them about the post-operative care of my client. They all said a prayer for me, asking God to make me prosperous and successful.

It was tears of joy when I told them of my intention to leave. They gave me a hug and they accompanied me to the Ghana Commercial Bank before they returned home at 10:15 am.

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