Drivers License Online Booking Application and Renewal Process

Make Bookings to apply for Learner Licence, Driving License and/or Professional Driving Permits, without having to visit Traffic Departments not having the guarantee of being assisted after standing in long queues.

NaTIS Has Been Upgraded To A Digital Portal – eNaTIS

NaTIS is an acronym that stands for National Traffic Information System. It is a national register and a law enforcement tool that was created to help the South Africa National Department of Transport improve transportation infrastructure in the country as NaTIS serves as a register, store of assets, and a tool used to enforce all rules of regulations of National Road Traffic Regulations and National Road Traffic Act.

NaTIS is responsible for the registration and licensing of drivers and vehicles in the country. It also helps to keep records for the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to ensure all registered vehicles meet the necessary standards. NaTIS also helps to prevent fraudulent vehicle registration and other irregularities.

Sadly, all of these responsibilities the NaTIS was saddled with were painstakingly done manually, making it a tedious task while also creating room for errors. So to improve their services, the name was changed to eNaTIS, and this change of name also translated to a change in the methods of operations. Instead of manually doing

everything, technology was introduced and is now used to make their services easier and more accurate.

What Can Be Done On eNaTIS And How Is It Better Than NaTIS?

The introduction of the eNATIS driver’s license scheme was intended to digitalize most, if not all, the functions of NaTIS by giving South Africans an online portal where most of their licensing needs will be handled – and to lessen the human traffic at NaTIS offices. Even though that intention is grinding slowly (but surely), here are some of the things that you can do on eNaTIS that makes it better than NaTIS:

  • You can handle the registration of your vehicles online.
  • You can handle the booking of your driver’s license online.
  • The renewal of your driver’s license can also be done online.
  • With the use of the FingerPrint system, identity fraud can now be eliminated with ease.
  • eNaTIS provides updates to users about current fraudulent practices going on in the automobile industry.
  • Users can assess road traffic service via ATMs and the internet.
  • All traffic infringement and fines are recorded using the eNaTIS database.
  • Implementation of electronic tagging of documents to help detect fraudulent driver’s license, vehicle license, or registration certificate.

1. After Booking For eNATIS Learner’s Driver’s License Application Online, What Should I Do Next?

2. How Do I Renew My Driver’s License In South Africa?


How To Book Online?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below for Online Booking.

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Scroll down and Click on the link “Book now for Driving Licence Card Renewal”

Step-3 : Select Identification Type
Step-4 : Enter Identification Number, Surname and Initials and
Step-5 : Submit the “Next” button.

Slots opened to be made available over a 12 hour period. Please note that the management of slots opened by DLTC’s are now system driven.

In order to ensure fair access and opportunity to all, slots that are opened will be made available from 08h00 in the morning until 20h00 in the evening. DLTC’s have been instructed to adhere to the ‘days’ they indicate that slots will be opened, and the system will ensure that these slots are released in batches and at random times.

Important Notice:
** Gauteng Province wants to ensure that all DLTC’s are Covid-19 compliant to ensure safety of applicants. The sites inspection of DLTC’s are almost done. Kindly note the following before visiting your preferred DLTC.

** All applicants who paid for a Learner’s Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the Learner’s test

** All applicants who paid for a Driving Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the driving licence test

Pre-Booking FAQs

1. Where can I book?
You can book at any of the registered DTLC sites in Gauteng by making use of the web application.

2. How many times can I make a pre-booking?
You can only make a pre-booking once for the same licence test. You are not allowed to make the same test application at different testing stations.

3. How do I pay for the pre-booking?
You must pay for your booking at the testing station at which the pre-booking was made. Online payment will be offered in the near future.

4. What about the eye test?
You can do the eye test on the day of the payment at the DLTC or; go to a recognised eye specialist where a certificate will be issued that will be acceptable at the testing station.

5. How long do I have to pay?
The payment must be made within 3 days from making the pre-booking. This is to prevent the slot from being forfeited and allocated to another applicant. It is only a reservation of your booking until it is paid within the prescribed period to make the booking confirmed.

Please note that fees are not displayed on this site as the different sites have fees applicable to their province. Please contact the DLTC to enquire about fees.


A telephone number is available on the website as well as an email address that can be used to report any difficulties or problems experienced. For any problems or enquiries please contact our call centre via email – or contact us on 0861 400 800 to assist.

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