Making Money with Google AdSense

AdSense allows website owners, bloggers and others the chance to earn a commission by listing Google’s ads on their website properties. Google then pays out these commissions on a monthly basis, as soon as a certain base level has been reached.

The primary way you make money with AdSense is by building websites and placing AdSense ads on them. AdSense offers a number of different ad sizes, including large and small banners, text ad blocks in various sizes and more. Modern content management systems such as WordPress come with thousands of available themes that have AdSense built in, so that little design or coding knowledge is required to start running ads. Anyone who’s spent some time browsing on the web has come across AdSense ads and with billions per year being paid out to Google’s affiliates, it’s clear they haven’t been shy about clicking on them.

If you’re a blogger, or you’ve thought of starting a blog, you’d be silly to skip including AdSense ads on your site. Ads on blogs are commonplace and typically do not annoy readers if placed in non-intrusive areas. Try sticking a few ad blocks in different locations on your blog to see where the clicks are generated and if any users complain. If you have a large amount of traffic on your blog, you will see revenue generated through AdSense almost immediately. Google is fantastic at ensuring that their ads show in the correct context, meaning if your blog is about owning a dog, ads for dog-related products will show up. This contextual advertising is actually helpful for readers that are in the market to make a purchase, and clicks will increase.

Perhaps you’ve thought up some great keywords and purchased the domain, but don’t have time to build a site, or you went on a domain buying spree and you have a ton of domains sitting around. Building a “parking” page – a page that shows up when individuals visit the domain – and placing AdSense ads on it can generate a significant amount of revenue, especially if you own a large amount of unused domains.

There are many sites that allow individuals to post up their articles or other written materials in exchange for a share of the ad revenue the article generates. If you’re keen on writing articles for posting online but don’t want to deal with making your own websites, do some hunting for “revshare” sites where you can make money online simply through writing.

If you own any type of web properties, or a frequent writer on blogs and other content sites, AdSense can generate a ton of additional revenue. Sign up today and start placing ads on your sites – you might be surprised with the results!

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