How To Pass The Civil Service Exam & All You Need To Know

6. Practice Answering

A reviewer has practice questions, so allocate time or day that you will practice answering with a time limit.

Professional Level: 170 items for 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Subprofessional Level: 165 items for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

You can allocate your Saturdays or Sundays or a few days before the Civil Service Exam Date to have a mock exam. Yung feel mo nasa exam ka talaga with a time limit, so you can practice being calm while answering and know what to answer first or when to review and shade your answers.

Mock exams will help you assess which part you take most time at; so if Reading Comprehension with 5 questions takes 30 minutes, then you might skip it during the exam and proceed to other questions para hindi masayang ang time mo. You can come back to it later.

7. Have Study Buddies

Having a study buddy will motivate you to study for the Civil Service Exam. If you also need clarifications, you can ask him or her. If wala kang makita na study buddy, try joining facebook groups with regards to Civil Service Exam, they might help you if you have questions and doubts.

8. Positive thinking

The law of attraction: If you think you can pass, then you will. if you think you will fail, then you will. Positivity attracts positivity; so wag kang nega dyan. Follow the tips above and do your absolute best and you will surely pass the Civil Service Exam. Kaya mo yan!

9. Pray

Ask guidance from God. Pray before studying that you may retain what you have studied. Pray for peace of mind during exam. Pray to pass the Civil Service Exam.

But wag kang mag-pray lang, there’s no use in praying if you are doing nothing about it – if hindi ka nag study at chamba lang yung reliance mo. It takes both your work and effort and God’s blessing to pass.

10. No to Overload

A day before the Civil Service Exam, do not cram. Have mock exams or practice answering or skim hard topics. Don’t study too much the day before, baka ma-overload pa brain mo hindi ka makatulog a day before the exam or black-out ka. Relax your brain, listen to music or enjoy the day. What you have studied will come back during exam.

11. Be Prepared (The Night Before)

Prepare your documents and things and also extra food on the night before your Civil Service Exam. So that when you wake up, you will know everything is ready and you won’t stress out to prepare for those things.

12. Don’t be late

Sleep early to wake up early. You need to be in the venue an hour before the exam. Do not be late for the Civil Service Exam, it will not only result to a lesser time on answering but it also stresses you out. Hindi ka makakaconcentrate kasi yung isip mo is about what happened and why you were late. Have multiple alarms or ask someone to wake you up.

13. Easy Questions before Hard Questions

Answer the easy questions first or the topics you are most confident about. In the Civil Service Exam, questions 1-20 are personal questions like Gender, Civil Status so you can do it in a breeze. After that, look for the topic you are good at and answer those – don’t shade yet, only after you read all the questions and reviewed it.

if you find a question hard, skip it – rereading and reanalyzing it twice will waste your time. Do it later. After trying to answer or read all the questions, go back to the hard ones or the questions you skipped.

14. Be Aware of Time 

Bring a watch – it will help you check if you still have time. You can allocate the first half of your time answering. If you already finished all – then you can review the questions and shade your answers if you are 100% sure. If you aren’t sure – just mark an answer in your test booklet (do not shade yet).

After reviewing and shading those you are sure of. If you have 30 minutes left, you can go back again to questions that are tricky and decide what to shade from there. If you have 10 minutes left, use the answers that you have marked.

It’s better not to leave your answer sheet blank if you have an hour left. Baka ma-rattle ka if 10 minutes nalang at wala ka pang na-shade. Don’t also shade your answers directly, baka pag-review mo mali pala yung sagot.

Answer at a good pace and surely. Pray and believe in yourself – you can definitely pass the Civil Service Exam.

Those are tips on how to pass the Civil Service Exam in one take. After the exam, you will now have to wait for the result. But surely, if you have followed these steps you can definitely be part of the coveted passing status. You will definitely reach your goals. Good luck and God Bless!

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