How to Make Money Blogging

Since the introduction of the weblog in the early 2000s as a form of an online diary, blogging has exploded to become one of the primary forms that content is produced online. Many of the highest-trafficked websites on the internet are blogs, making millions of dollars per year and employing dozens of writers. With some time invested into it each day, your blog can turn into a revenue-generating machine that requires little effort to maintain.

A couple of important things to keep in mind if you plan on making decent money online with your blog are its appearance and the importance of maintaining your readership. It’s no secret that websites and blogs that have a fresh and professional design are the ones that are most frequented by users. If your blog looks terrible, your results will be terrible, so if you’re not proficient at web design it’s best to outsource this to someone who is. In regards to readership, there are a couple of tips to follow. First, it’s important to post frequently – at least once a day. This keeps your blog front and centre for your subscribers and also keeps the search engines coming back to index your new content. Second, you’ll want to keep your writing succinct. Many blogs cap their posts at around 300-400 words total – the longer the post, the more opportunity you have to lose the reader. Check out some of the major blogs in your target niche to see how long their posts are, and keep to a similar length.

The primary way to make money online by blogging is to place advertising on the site. There are many different ad companies that specialize in ads for blogs, including Google AdSense and BlogAds, so a little research will drum up ad companies to work with. AdSense is likely the easiest to work with and you can be sure Google will pay, so check them out.

Another excellent way that established bloggers make money online is by doing paid product reviews for companies. This can be a review of any product that makes sense on your blog; if you’re writing about automobiles, for instance, you might review a car or a new type of windshield wiper. Companies will jump at the chance to have your readership read a review of their product, and if your site is established you might not have a lot of trouble signing these up. Once you have a few thousand daily readers, contact some companies in your niche and offer them a paid review.

Finally, posting about products that provide you an affiliate commission when someone makes a purchase is another great way to make money online through your blog. Consider this a form of the above paid product placement, except you’re taking the initiative to write about the product and connect your readers through a link or other method. If you’ve got a huge readership, slipping a few of these posts in each month can yield very profitable results.

As long as you’ve got the eyes, someone’s got money to pay you for access to them. Whether it’s through advertising or product placement, you can make money online with blogging once you’ve built up a following. Get to work writing quality posts and soon enough, your readers will be helping you reap the rewards!

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