How To Check If Your Location Has Telkom Fibre Coverage

For you to enjoy any of these Telkom Fibre packages above, your location must have Telkom network coverage. So, before paying for any Fibre package, you should find that out, and here is how to go about it.

  • Visit the Telkom Coverage map.
    • Input your location
    • Select the current location from the drop-down menu • Tap or click on the search icon

If you are fortunate to have Telkom network coverage in your location, you will be provided with information containing the network providers and packages.

For those whose location does not have Telkom network coverage, you will be requested to provide your details and tap the notify me button to be notified whenever that location has a Telkom network coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telkom Fibre Packages

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have concerning Telkom Fibre Deals and Packages.

  1. How can I set up Telkom Fibre at home?
  • Go through the quick reference guide.
  • Carefully follow the instruction on the Reference guide.
  • Connect the Modem to your cellphone and personal computer.
  • To set up your broadband modem, connect the Modem to WiFi and open a browser on the connected device. Then enter the URL on the belly label of the router. Follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Type in on your browser and input the required information to activate your broadband service.
  • Visit to set up your data usage notification.
  • You can now make use of the Telkom Fibre network by turning on your phone WiFi


  1. How fast is the Telkom Fibre?

Telkom Fibre can be as fast as 20Mbs to 40Mbs. It also has a Fibre package with a speed that is up to 100Mbs. The level of internet speed you experience will depend on the type of device you use to access the network and network coverage in your location.

  1. How can I receive data usage notifications?

To check your Telkom data usage, all you need to do is login into the broadband usage tracker page using your username and password. Tap on the menu bar on the left and select notification, then select the notification frequency. Your notification will be sent to your registered email address.

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