Google Adsense Scam

They’re ubiquitous, appearing on websites of all kinds. They are easily recognisable by the promises of huge earnings “working for Google.” These adverts usually have text like “I make $400 a day working for Google” or “Google blessed me with a $1000 a week income. Savvy web users will always recognise this as the Google Adsense scam.

The Adsense scam works by asking you to sign up for a “Google Start Up Kit” or similarly phrased product. Some more examples are “Google Master Money Kit” and “Google Link Building Starter Kit”. They are usually advertised as free or at a very low cost, a couple of dollars at the most. These Adsense scam websites will have stories about people making as much as $5000 a week after they ordered their kits, to tempt people into ordering. After all, what’s a few dollars for the chance of earning $5000 a week?

The truth is that if you order a “Google Start Up Kit”, you’ll end up paying a lot more than a few dollars. These Adsense scams are credit card re-bills. That means a few months after you enter your credit card details to pay the two or three dollars, you’ll actually be charged $60 or even more! It’s all buried in the small print on these Adsense scam websites, deep within the terms and conditions. The people who run the Adsense scam know that most people don’t bother to read the small print when they are making a $2 purchase, and they know that some people don’t even check their credit card statements. That means that the Adsense scam merchants can rack up several hundred dollars on your credit card bill that you aren’t even aware of.

They are just feeding off the reputation of a huge, well known global brand. If people think that Google are behind the scheme then they are more likely to trust the Adsense scam site.

The really sickening thing about the Adsense scam is that the “Google Start Up Kit” only contains information that is free to obtain. It’s just information about the legitimate Google Adsense Program. Adsense is a system that Google run that allows you, if you have a website that is over six months old, to put a Google ad banner on your site. Google will then pay you around one cent for anyone who clicks an ad on that banner. You’re not working for Google, Google are just paying you a very small commission for the ad space on your website.

Needless to say, while it can be difficult to earn the huge amounts of money promised by the Adsense scam sites, many people around the world really do earn a full-time living with the Adsense program. Of course, you’ve got an edge if you’re already running a well-established website with regularly updated, creative content, and a large amount of visitors coming through everyday. These aren’t the kind of websites you can start up overnight and make a fortune, like the Adsense scam sites promise, but if you put in the effort each and every day, your labor of love can turn into easy money, working in the comfort of their home.

Just don’t fall victim to the Adsense scam. If you’re a busy mother, a college student, or someone who needs a second income, give Adsense a try and expect to build a small second income over the next one or two years. But there’s no need to order any of these scam “Google Starter Kits”. The program is free to enter, and all of the information on how to get started is available free in the Google help documents and on sites such as this one. Don’t expect vast amounts of money right away, but keep writing compelling content and over time you’ll build an asset that can pay off with big returns.

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