BREAKING NEWS: Top 10 Richest People in Mexico In 2019 & Their Net worth

Mexico has always evoked awe given its intriguing culture and rich glamorous heritage. Did you know that the country houses one among the 3 richest men in whole wide world? Yes, it’s true.

Mexico has got some of the wealthiest in the world and their net wealth worth is surely jaw-dropping, crossing over 75 billion USD! The post below presents a list on the richest in the country.

10. Carlos Hank Rhon – $ 2.4 Billion

Carlos Hank Rohn’s fortune includes assets in construction, financial services and more. He is the son of the late politician Carlos Hank Gonzalez, who served as Mexico City mayor, Secretary of Agriculture and governor of his home state.
In October 2017, Mexico’s Grupo Banorte said it would pay $1.4 billion in stock and cash to acquire Hank Rhon’s Grupo Financiero Interacciones. Hank Rhon’s wife is the daughter of Roberto Gonzalez, the founder of Grupo Banorte.
Hank Rhon also owns Grupo Hermes, an industrial conglomerate with interests in construction, infrastructure, energy, tourism and auto dealerships.

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