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Markus Frind, webmaster of dating website Plenty of Fish, comfortably tops the Adsense earnings league table with a staggering $300,000 a month. He’s not alone in the six figure club, with Kevin Rose from Digg earning a vast $250,000 a month. Not bad for just Adsense earnings huh? Jeremy Shoemaker from makes a smaller, but still very respectable $140,000 every month and Jason Calcanis from Weblogs Inc. rakes in a tidy $120,000 every month from Adsense earnings.

Read it again, that’s per month, not per year. When you’re making more money in a month than a doctor or a lawyer makes in a year, you know you’re doing well.  Hundreds of people are making themselves rich through massive Adsense earnings. 

Your site’s specific content determines which advertiser’s ads get placed on your site, and the price advertisers pay for those ads is determined by a proprietary algorithm based on the bids of competing advertisers. Google are keen to avoid making promises about earnings that they can’t keep, and they don’t want to seem sensationalist and acquisition-focused by making loud noises about how much people’s Adsense earning are, and what your possible Adsense earnings can be.

It’s actually against the Adsense terms and conditions to reveal your Adsense earnings, or any other part of your personal Adsense financial information, to anyone else. It’s a rule that, in general, is strictly adhered to. It makes sense, because if you are a high earner the last thing you want to do is lose your Adsense account by boasting about your Adsense earnings.

In the past Google were secretive about how much Adsense earnings you will receive from each click, but now they reveal the exact Adsense revenue share on this help page. Publishers get 68% of the amount paid to Google for each click on “Adsense for content” ads, while “Adsense for search” pays out 51% of the amount advertisers pay.

In general you can make around £0.03 to £50.00 per click. The vast, vast majority of these clicks are in the lower end of this range, and a double figure earning click comes once in a blue moon. I would guess on average, each click earns the webmaster about £0.03 cents.

Despite this low payment amount per click, huge Adsense earnings are possible. Information has come out about a number of top earning individuals who make a vast amount of Adsense earnings every year. The huge earners have all figured out how to bring in massive amounts of traffic to their websites, day in and day out. Not only that, they write on topics that match up the right audiences, based on interests and demographics, with advertisers who are paying consistent rates to reach those audiences.

So the first thing you need for high Adsense earnings is a website that ranks high in the search engines for popular keywords. And there must be large amounts of advertisers that consistently spend high rates to reach audiences searching for the keywords your pages rank for. The right combination of compelling content, interested eyeballs, and high-spending advertisers will guarantee you a huge amount of traffic and sufficient ad clicks every day. Not only does your Google positioning get you a steady stream of traffic, but it will also get you a higher click price per ad.

A good click through rate is also essential to high Adsense earnings. That means the amount of people who come to your website who click the ads. This depends heavily on the type of site you run. Some sites encourage a high click through rate, some don’t.

Adsense earnings can be a sizable second income, or a route to a luxurious lifestyle.  It might be a long journey to the type of earnings described above, but huge Adsense earnings are definitely possible.

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