2017 Top 20 sporting Richest list

7. Chris Wood (football)

A striker for newly-promoted English Premier League side Leicester City, Wood is estimated to earn between £20,000-£25,000 a week for his club, bringing his annual salary to around $2.2 million.

While Wood’s remuneration puts him near the top end of New Zealand athletes, that kind of pay packet is nothing when compared to others around the English Premier League, where salaries have swollen in excess of £300,000 a week. And unlike many of his more esteemed colleagues, Wood is unlikely to be be adding many commercial endorsements to supplement his earnings.

But the deal he received at Leicester City – after the Foxes splashed out £1.5 million to sign him from West Brom in 2013 – was still a substantial pay rise from what he was making at his former club, where his status within the squad as a reserve team player would have reduced his income.

Wood, before his transfer, was also granted the luxury of picking the personal terms that suited him. When West Brom recalled Wood after a string of loan spells, specifically with the intention of selling the striker, the club announced they had accepted offers from both Leicester and Millwall, leaving the final decision up to the player.

Essentially, that gave Wood the opportunity to pick which club appealed most to him – a decision in football often based on the bottom line.

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